In the time known as The Before, men ruled this world. But they were not alone, as their hubris had inspired them to create servent races to support their leisure and to fight their wars. These servent races were beings in their own right, capable of learning and advancement and this they did. Some of these races had been uplifted from dumb beasts, some had been derived from human stock, and some had been created wholly from the minds of men. In this time some men chose to join their minds as one, but this was against all the wishes of their fellow men. These crimes were done in secret and were the cause of much sorrow and outrage amongst men, for there was a fear that the groupmind would rise above men and rule them. The secret crime of the groupmind led to the wars that created The Afterworld.
Writings of the First Era – Author unknown

It has been hundreds if not a couple thousand years since the great events of the cataclysm that resulted in the Afterworld. Little is known of The Before other than that it was a time of wealth and leisure for men, and man is now gone. Artifacts and technological remnants litter the world. Much is hidden. Much is forgotton. But not all.

We burns the gods, the burns the skies, we never stops, we hears no cries
We breaks the world, we fucks the land, we drinks your blood, we bites your hand
We snaps your bones, we cracks your heads, we swings the bloodharmstick(?), we kills you deads
– marching song (loosely translated), 2nd Army, “Orks” Battalion, Percinosa Coast Collective

Nations have risen and fallen since The Before. Some nations still exist and you may encounter them, but overall the state of civilization is in decline. You come from a loose coalition of tribes and small city-states somewhere in the northern country. Your people are dying due to incremental climate change. Your grandparents speak of longer summers and shorter winters, and a time when food was not a scarcity.

It is called the Afterworld because it is a world without men. When man destroyed the universe the gods denied them entrance to the Afterworld. Here we have been put alone and given a second chance without men, those despicable monsters who above all else desire power and have shown they are willing to risk the universe for it. - Teachings of the Smazi, recovered transcript, circa Second Era.

The cultural and political center of your world is the small city of Redoma Mandi. It has a population of about five thousand people and is inhabited by a rich mix of various peoples from the surrounding communities. The Council has convened you as representatives from your communities called to a quest of some sort. You don’t know what it is but the rumors are swirling that this is some desperate attempt to resolve the latest weather and food crises. You’re not sure why you would be called to such a quest, but your community has chosen you to answer the Council’s call….

It is said that the world was not destroyed. Rather, the dreams of men grew so big that there was no longer room for the real world, and that today we merely inhabit the dreams of men. —Writings of the first era, Author Unknown

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