Seed Bank

The translation

Here is the text of the translation of the satellite transmission. It transmits in a cycle of ten different languages, each repeating the same message. Hard to translate terms have question marks next to them.

“Attention, peoples of earth, constructs, genedrifts(?), uplifts, and exogenous entities, all who remain. If you are hearing this, the nanocaust(?) has likely receded.

There are three locations for the seed banks we have sequestered in anticipation of the Event(?).

The first of the seedbank locations will follow in archaic longlat minutes format, followed by archaic NewUN GPS format, followed by archaic GSPC coordinates.

The seedbank is your greatest hope for a new earth future. It contains the seeds of the future, which will grow from ice, in a darkened world and nourish an impoverished people.

With the seedbank contents you will be able to undo the devastation of the Event.

Coordinates now follow:

latitude 64° 9’ 0” longitude -21° 57’ 0”

NU 921, NP 44

Up 31, Blue 5.5, R 7787611.5501

new friends and new horrors
new friends and new horrors

The four heroes met at the inn, nested at the foot of the mountain pass they must traverse to the capital of the New Vashting Collective.

Eventually, after much talk and speculation about the council’s motives and intelligence, the four heroes decided to take to bed.

In the night they were attacked. Strange figures shrouded in loose black clothing smashed into their rooms through the windows. Their arms ended in a tangle of long thin slimy tentacles that stung fiercely when they drew blood.

During the first seconds of the attack, that is when the horror arrived.

It undulated like it was made of jelly, and instead of legs to walk on its body diffused into a squirming black mass that seemed to propel it along. And it spoke out loud! “The AllRoach will feed!”

The heroes stood frozen for a split second as the AllRoach swarmed over the nearest enemy. They heard the sounds of struggle, something in there was fighting for its life, but the AllRoach was silent. It had the good manners not to talk with its mouths full.

And then almost as soon it began, the fight was over. The creatures fled, leaving one dead and one digested by the AllRoach.

The heroes caught their breath and examined the dead one. It was nearly seven feet tall. In place of hands it sported a collection of squid-like tentacles. The face was angular, with large eyes for seeing in the dark, and a flat nose. Instead of lips, a strip of more tiny tentacles that formed a flap of flesh that draped down over its mouth. Skin mottled red and black.

This was something none of the heroes had ever seen.


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