Character Creation Guidelines

A note on wealth and tech levels:

Neither are appropriate to this campaign. Don’t worry about paying for higher TL skills or signature gear. Also, when it comes to starting equipment, just pick what you want and I’ll let you know what I approve. what i do know for sure is that really high tech stuff is not going to get approved such as DR 30 nano-weave hardened liquid metal armor. No beam weapons, no super-science. Those WILL appear in the campaign but not as part of starting equipment. Slug throwing guns have a higher malfunction roll than the standard rules call for.

Standard rules assume less and less chance of malfunction the higher the TL of the gun. This is the opposite in Seed Bank. Malfunction rolls are 14 – TL. (these malf values can be addressed by gadgeteers and engineering skills later on)

Now, character creation:

100pt characters

50 pt disadvantage limit

Abilities below 10 do NOT count against your disad limit, but those points can only be used for boosting other abilities (IQ, ST, DX, HT)

Meta-Traits and Race templates’ disadvantages DO count against the 50pt limit.

No allies.

Almost any power or ability is allowed, but no powers that act over a distance or are in other ways too close to magic. For example, Psionic mindcontrol is out but some kind of touch-based toxin that makes the victim susceptible to your commands… now that’ll work.

Character Creation Guidelines

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