Nestor is a Bioroid, selected by his nation to seek the seed bank in the hopes it can restore their source of Aevum. He is a warrior-scientist.


ST: 10 DX: 12 IQ: 10 HT: 12 Will: 10 Speed: 6 Perception: 10

Major Disadvantages: Disturbing Voice, Killjoy, Obsession (Locate Aevum Source), Sense of Duty (Bioroids), Truthfulness, Unusual Biochemistry

Major Advantages: Ambidexterity, Combat Reflexes, Damage Resistance 2, Enhanced Parry, Hard to Kill 2, Fit

Skills: Biology (IQ-1), Chemistry (IQ), Dual Weapon Attack (Broadsword) (DX+1), Broadsword (DX+2), Counterattack (Broadsword) (DX-1), Disarming (Broadsword) (DX+2), Acrobatics (DX), Evade (Acrobatics (DX+1), Fast Draw (Sword) (DX), Stealth (DX+1), Search (Per)


Nestor-5-Theta has always sought to keep the Enclave safe from the ravages of the outside. Since his Emergence Day from the Creche, he has trained both in martial and scientific realms to keep this so.

Now the climatic changes threaten to bring blight on the last few bio-algae ponds still capable of Aevum production, the serum necessary to maintain proper bioroid function. Aevum is also critical to the function of the Creche, the chamber produced by the ancients that is the only means to replenish their number.


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