The All Roach

800 lb. Cockroach Infestation on a mission to save the world.


In the dimly remembered past, in a dark and forgotten lab, a miracle which some might consider a nightmare began…

The Group-Mind project devolved form the highest and most well funded of human endeavors to an illegal and underground movement. with the loss of its legitimacy came the inevitable loosening of scientific safety controls. Experiments which would never have passed muster in a better funded and controlled environment became commonplace for the semi-scientists of the renegade Group-Mind project.

One such experiment involved a dangerous and only dimly understood virus which seemed only to affect the common cockroach. It was discovered that by implanting a modified nano-virus into a population of roaches, they could be made to learn through a sort of “collective cognition.” of course these experiments were dangerous in the extreme and the rogue technicians who conducted them were quick to destroy all infected roach populations. Then came the raid.

An agent in the Group Mind movement accepted a bribe from the “Agency for the Purification of Human Thought.” He betrayed the location of underground lab 45-221. Poison, radiation, and explosives were dumped into an air inlet duct and all the “scientists” and animal subjects in lab 45-221 were destroyed. all but a handful of roaches.

Years passed. The swarm increased in size and virility in the hot house of adaptation that was lab 45-221. slowly an advanced consciousness began to evolve.

The swarm which began to consider itself a single entity gained in strength, intelligence and surprisingly, technical electronics proficiency as it crawled over and tasted the multitudinous electronic devices of the lab. With self awareness came curiosity, and with curiosity came enlightenment. The swarm learned of science through the data processors of lab 45-221, specifically of the labs primary research focus… Ecology.

The All Roach is aware of a climate in flux, and of biospheres in jeopardy.

The All Roach knows it must move from the diminishing food supplies of rotting flesh and flayed wiring within lab 45-221.

The all roach seeks other intelligences with which to exchange song, though most humans seem now immobile and good only for the feed.

The all Roach has decided to delve air-recycling and exchange unit AA-2 and emerge into the wastes it has decided to make its new home.

Thus, The All Roach begins its quest to reverse the sins of man and remake the world anew, that it may learn, grow, and continue the gluttony of the eternal feed.

The swarm is many. The feed continues. The quest begins

The All Roach

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